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Synonymes, 2019

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Born on January 2, 1972 in Metz, Christophe JACQUEMOT feels the need, from his childhood, to invent his universe where he takes refuge to give free rein to the expression of his artistic fiber, in materials that are sometimes natural, sometimes mineral.

During the preparation of his baccalaureate in Philosophy and Plastic Arts, he explores this approach in search of relief, intrados or other forms of pictorial expression, thus trying various techniques.

He partially departs from his passion without turning his back on him. For more than twenty years, he was able to express himself and conceptualize his talent in events and decoration. During this period, he rubbed shoulders with the greatest architects, which enabled him to assert himself in the work of volumes, space, the fluidity of forms and light.

Black fascinates him, influenced by works that captivate him, he decides to resume his quest for matter and light. He leaves his small apartment in the 12th arrondissement to buy a house near Paris which gives him the space to create his own workshop where he can assert his talent through his first paintings.

In 2015, noticed by a contemporary art lover, he exhibited in a luxurious show room in Saint-Germain des Prés. A black and white setting that will allow him to highlight his first works. This exhibition is entitled:

"And why should not black be a color? "

The success was immediate and most of the paintings exhibited were sold from the first day. He then leads a fascinating reflection on the role of this color (or non-color) through the light that emerges from his works, to the reliefs that he creates and sculpts in a biological mortar on canvas. Technique which made its particularity and its strength and which gives it a true identity of Painter Artist.

He works with this material in deep black and the carvings, streaks and effects crisscrossed by the artist’s emotions become the imaginary fabric where light is engulfed, in an ever-changing black color chart.

Thus, he places his energy in the canvas he is working on, which is never static but evolves according to the light and the place where it is exposed.

His philosophy of life being close to "Carpe Diem", he wants to enjoy all this beauty of the black and approach it in a geometric aspect. When asked the question:

Why black?

He likes to see the black man's rainbow which he delicately confronts in a raw color: he wants to separate the dark side of the Black from light.

Through his subtle compositions, one must appeal to his imagination to read a story or see through shadows, fortuitous images.

Christophe JACQUEMOT has received several prizes including the MEDAILLE D'OR category Acrylic mixed technique at the International Salon of "Creators of the century" 2016 in Vittel He is currently exhibiting at the Sonia Monti gallery - 75008 Paris and in Barbizon but also on many French fairs and international.

Technique: Mixed acrylic

Dimensions: 81 x 100 cm

Support: Organic Mortar sculpted on canvas

Authentication: Work sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity

Signature: Work signed by hand

Proposed by: Galerie Sonia Monti - Paris - France

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